10 Best Blogs For Dating Courage

Finding the confidence to follow your heart can be an uphill battle for many people.

Our 10 Best Blogs for Dating Courage were selected for how well they explore issues from awkwardness and being shy, to helping people find their best dating identity.

Just Call Her

Bragging Rights: dating advice for awkward guys

Tommy Danger Kim is the host at Just Call Her, and that’s his real middle name. Living in the Big Apple, he advises guys on building their dating confidence, accenting their best features and broadening their horizons. His content offers tips for dealing with newer dating tools like texting and social media.

Social Clout: 393+ likes, 157+ followers

URL: http://justcallher.com/

Deliberate Dating

Bragging Rights: are you being deliberate?

Deliberate Dating encourages readers to develop a dating strategy and have a plan. Knowing what you want is the first step to finding it, and author Debra Kunz is devoted to helping people find happiness. Her blog deals with various stages of dating, from asking someone out, to recovering from a breakup.

Social Clout: 154+ likes, 579+ followers

URL: http://www.deliberatedating.com/

A Wise Girl

Bragging Rights: finding love can be fun

Mandy is a 30-something single voice behind A Wise Girl, and she recruited two guys as contributors to offer a balance. Men and women can find their dating courage with fun articles and inspiring stories. Pop culture romances are used to illustrate dating advice and common pitfalls that could be avoided.

Social Clout: 290+ followers

URL: http://awisegirl.com/

Courage Love Intensity

Bragging Rights: give today all the love you can

Courage Love Intensity recognizes the courage it takes to chase true love and the intensity it can provoke. Host Kristen takes her readers through an honest and unflappable look at the ups and downs of modern dating. She stirs people to find the strength from within when facing matters of the heart.

Social Clout: 159+ followers

URL: http://courageloveintensity.com/

Dare to Dream Coaching

Bragging Rights: life coaching and mentoring

The host of Dare to Dream Coaching is a true writer, exploring the heartfelt emotions that so often accompany love and dating. Her style is positive reinforcement and accentuating your best traits and skills while chasing your one and only. Check out “Dare to Love…and Lose” to learn what love is really all about.

URL: http://daretodreamcoaching.blogspot.com/

The Date Report

Bragging Rights: great mix of contributors, photos and videos

The Date Report has a solid record of covering the full dating field, but they excel at giving people valuable tools for maximizing their results. Whether confidence is lacking in asking out, remaining clever or just performing well in the bedroom, their contributors provide a wealth to consider and learn from.

Social Clout: 41,654+ likes, 76,704 followers

URL: http://www.thedatereport.com/

What to Say to a Girl

Bragging Rights: things that actually work

Learning how to attract a partner is an important part of the game, and What to Say to a Girl has the tools to teach anyone. They also recognize the importance of being able to read signals and know when to flirt. Their contributors provide funny takes on modern hurdles of dating.

Social Clout: 543+ followers, 424 Likes

URL: http://whattosaytoagirl.net/

Ruthie Dean

Bragging Rights: a dose of truth. a choice for joy

Ruth Dean teaches men how to stand up and approach a woman with self-confidence and an understanding of how the genders communicate. Content is funny and pointed, with much of the input coming from her husband, Michael, for a man’s point of view. Bonus: Learning how to get noticed is stressed.

Social Clout: 2, 357+ followers

URL: http://ruthiedean.com/

Pink Kisses Blog

Bragging Rights: forget your ex and find your inner bombshell

Ellie was devastated after she was dumped over the phone. She decided not to waste any more tears fighting over guys that treated her poorly. She started Pink Kisses to encourage and inspire girls going through similar situations. Pink Kisses helps women get over guys with strength and speed so that they can move on and find courage in their new dating ventures.

Social Clout: 7,506+ likes, 1,281 followers

URL: http://www.pinkkisses.com/blog/

Cupid’s Laboratory

Bragging Rights: date boldly. experiment often. don’t settle

Taking the scientific approach to love, Cupid does some serious experimenting at Cupid’s Laboratory. The goal is to help those looking to connect and win over their soul mate. The lighthearted but pointed advice is drawn around building your own confidence and skill as a dating phenom still approaching your prime.

Social Clout: 1,159+ followers

URL: http://cupidslaboratory.tumblr.com/