10 Best Dating Guide Blogs

When it comes to dating, there are a lot of issues to take into consideration, and our 10 Best Dating Guide Blogs outperform the rest at covering the vast world of dating, sex and romance in the new millennium.

Up to Date

Bragging Rights: the latest and greatest on all things romance

Up to Date is the official blog of Match.com, which encourages people to learn from the success stories of others and never stop following your heart. Special attention is given to the latest dating trends and a great video archive of perfect proposals. Flirting tips are at the ready, as well as ways to gently let someone down.

Social Clout: 573,507+ likes, 25,995+ followers

URL: http://blog.match.com/

Perfection Less for Me

Bragging Rights: topics specific to men of all stripes

“Why settle for less?” is the motto at Perfection Less for Me, a site with tremendous international flavor. With content aimed at all sorts of daters, including Romanian dating, Brazilian dating or dating for men over 40, the site brings together everyone under the universal language of love. Cool articles include “How to Make Out with a Girl in 40 Seconds or Less,” which focuses on the fun of chasing love.

Social Clout: 5,203+ followers

URL: http://perfectionlessforme.blogspot.com/

Straight Up Love

Bragging Rights: insights into the act that’s always on your mind

Straight Up Love has a fresh and complete overview of the world of modern romance, with a heavier focus on the younger dater. Topics like “Sex: How Does It Impact a Relationship?”and “Playing the Game of Relationship Whack-A-Mole” are direct and witty. Bonus: Strong coverage is given to understanding sex better.

Social Clout: 4,419+ followers, 738+ likes

URL: http://www.straightuplove.com/

Modern Love Guide

Bragging Rights: featuring a sought-after expert

Cija Black brings her unique insights as the author of Modern Love Guide. Her advice can be seen across various sites on the show she co-hosts called “Love Bombs.” Entries like “Want to Know What the Ladies Think About Pickup?” offer perspective and strategies for men of all ages.

Social Clout: 1,565+ followers

URL: http://www.modernloveguide.com/

Celebrate Love

Bragging Rights: 100,000+ visitors in the U.S. alone

With a site aimed at teaching rather than selling, Larry James brings his experienced coaching to Celebrate Love. Great content from his “LoveNotes for Lovers” ezine helps connect people with those also on the market. James’ advice is also helpful for those looking to improve their intimacy.

Social Clout: 1,348+ followers

URL: http://celebratelove.wordpress.com/

Dating Advice Guy

Bragging Rights: one man’s unique perspective on romance

Dating Advice Guy is a really a fun site with style and an interesting viewpoint. The content is often related to very specific stages of dating, including “Should I Hide or Delete My Dating Profile” and “Too Much Emphasis on Kids in Your Dating Profile?”

Social Clout: 156+ followers, 98+ likes

URL: http://www.datingadviceguy.com/

Dating Advice for Men

Bragging Rights: the best place to find useful information

Dating Advice for Men takes the opposite approach with women offering dating wisdom to men. However, the site also sprinkles in some advice for women. From blind dating to speed dating, the writers offer insights, guidance and even professional online coaching services. In posts like “Advice for the Boomer Woman,” they tackle specific challenges people can face at different stages in their lives.

Social Clout: 216+ likes

URL: http://www.datingadviceforman.org/

Hot Dating Guide

Bragging Rights: your complete online dating guide

Hot Dating Guide is an all-inclusive site that covers every corner of dating, with sections for relationship tips, love discussions and reviews of the latest books on the subject. Their online dating guide also offers a fun boot camp in booty calls, so the content is aimed at adults who don’t mind getting a little risque.

URL: http://www.hotdatingguide.com/

Single and Blogging It

Bragging Rights: helping you navigate singledom

Single and Blogging It is dedicated “to those of you who are single, no matter what the reason.” A single gal in her 30s runs this blog, mixing a clever personality with inviting design. Topics like “Yep, Online Dating is Still Stupid” and “Really, Married People? You’re Jealous of Me?“ are great examples of how this site is a safe zone for singles.

URL: http://wwwsingleandbloggingit.blogspot.com/

Best of Shayari

Bragging Rights: the #1 stop for flirting questions

Bringing a Hindu perspective to online love, Best of Shayari gives a strong voice to an under served audience. Great tips for improving your flirting skills are featured for phone, social media and face to face. This just in – prepping for Valentine’s Day and dealing with fears of infidelity show the good and bad of romance.

URL: http://bestofshayari.blogspot.com/