2 Ways To Meet A Sexy Stranger

Meeting sexy strangers and getting hot dates is a skill anyone can improve. Fortunately you can practice this skill everywhere you go and anytime you see someone hot and sexy.

The secret is to treat every day of your life like it is one big singles party.

If you see someone sexy who you’d like to meet, the best thing to do is:

1. Catch his eye and give him a flirty smile

Then when he catches your eye back, you can ask him a simple question about anything in the environment. Please make sure it is about something that is easy to answer!

So if you are in a bar, you can ask him if he recommends what he’s are drinking and what drink you should order next. If you are a grocery store, you can ask him where the gluten-free section is. If you are waiting for a train, you can ask him if he knows when the next one arrives.

Many years ago, one of my clients was waiting on line at a deli to buy a sandwich. She noticed a very handsome man standing in front of her, so she smiled asked him if the turkey was good. He said yes, and the conversation continued and hasn’t stopped.

They are now married and have two children together, and if she didn’t ask him about the sandwich, they never would have met.

The absolute worst thing you can do if you see someone attractive is to say nothing, and the best thing you can do is strike up a conversation!

After you ask him the initial easy-to-answer question, you can keep the conversation going.

2. Discuss topics in a natural way

If you asked him if he recommends his drink, you can then ask him what’s in the drink or what other drinks he enjoys. After you’ve discussed his drink, you can ask him what other bars in the area he recommends.

The point is to keep the conversation light and about the environment. You already have that in common, so it’s easy to discuss.

While you are speaking with this sexy stranger, make sure to look into his eyes for about 75 percent of the conversation because that enables you to connect with him.

Also, make sure to have a fun and flirty attitude and give him your full attention because people love that and rarely get that.

You’ll get extra points if you give him a compliment about something he is proud of so that he knows you are interested. For example, if he tells you how much he loves playing baseball with his buddies, you can respond with “With biceps like that, I’m sure you’re the star of the team!”

Now go out there and get your flirt on with that hot and sexy stranger!

Photo sources: teamsugar.com, reactiongifs, hellogiggles.com