3 Easy Steps To Getting Back On The Dating Market

Getting back on the dating scene after you’ve been avoiding it can be tough, especially since the dating scene seems to be ever changing and more people connect digitally.

Don’t let that stop you from finding a partner. Follow these steps and make the smooth transition back into the game.

1. Get rid of old baggage.

This means you have fully recovered and healed from your last relationship.

Most importantly, cut off all communication and stalking of your exes on social networks. This is only opening up new wounds and causing ruminating thoughts on a dead relationship. It’s not healthy!

Research shows remaining Facebook friends with an ex can delay emotional healing. The more one follows their ex’s activities online, the longer it takes to move on.

Therapy may even be helpful in providing some of the right strategies and techniques for moving on and scoring a winner the next time through.

“The gym, supermarket and mutual

friends are ways singles connect.”

2. Make yourself marketable.

They say, “Love is in the eye of the beholder.” Nothing says love like good mental and physical health. It may sound funny, but it’s true.

Research studies show both genders seek out partners with good health, which they perceive as sexually attractive.

This includes clear skin, good hair, hygiene, posture and energy levels. Interestingly, these are all indicators of good health.

Maybe its time to start a gym routine, make a conscious effort to eat healthy and pay a little extra attention to your health. Your opposite sex peers will notice.

3. Learn everything you can about online dating.

Online dating etiquette is still relatively new to younger generations that never thought they’d be browsing the Web for their future spouse.

One of the most important things in online dating is creating an honest online profile, not what you think potential mates may want to hear or see.

There are also precautions you may want to take in order to protect yourself and your heart and increase your chances for success.

Dating sites are often full of scammers, so it’s important to keep safety in mind. Make sure you know the appropriate etiquette and create your own boundaries before you hop on a dating website and start chatting.

These steps will ease you back into the dating market and hopefully help you find your right partner.

Remember, online dating isn’t the only place you can meet people. The gym, supermarket and mutual friends are other ways singles still connect.

Photo souce: socwall.com.