3 Surprising Ways To Build Trust With A Woman

We all know that without trust, a relationship doesn’t have a chance and there isn’t going to be much substance or depth to it.

Did you know the average woman says her level of trust in men is only a 4 on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest level of trust? I think the information from this survey is quite alarming.

If you are a man who wants a loving and fulfilling relationship, I have some important tips for you to access a woman’s heart and build a strong foundation for trust.

Before that, I want to give you insight into the top three reasons women say they don’t trust men. Then I’ll give you a few key things you can do to win her trust and have a successful, long-term relationship.

3 reasons women don’t trust men:

  1. They have been cheated on or lied to and are now hesitant to give their heart again.
  2. Men say one thing and do another, leaving women feeling unsafe and suspicious.
  3. Men are vague in their communication and don’t seem to tell women the whole truth.

Some men communicate vaguely because they are afraid to upset a woman and don’t want to deal with potential aftermath.

However, what men don’t realize is this strategy actually backfires on them and hurts the situation more than helps.

Trust is a key element to having a fulfilling relationship with a woman that lasts, so let’s look at how you can lay a secure framework of trust.

“If you practice these methods, you

will have a fulfilling relationship.”

Here are three ways you can build trust with a woman:

1. Be honest from the get-go.

Blindsiding a woman is the worst thing you can do. For example, if you’re not ready for a relationship and would rather play the field, let her know so she can make a good decision for herself.

Also, if you are ready for a relationship, then express your desires to her. She will respect you more if you are frank and direct, even if it’s not what she wants to hear.

2. Ask important questions early on.

Knowledge is power. We get ourselves into more trouble when we don’t ask good questions. She will appreciate your curiosity and willingness to understand her wants and needs.

Good questions also give you the opportunity to express your position openly so everyone is clear and needs and wants are out on the table. Clarity – what a beautiful thing, eh?

3. Discuss your intentions prior to having sex.

Having sex with a woman creates a connection and bond for her, especially if the sex is good.

Misunderstandings (and false expectations) are where we as humans can get ourselves into trouble.

Therefore, having a frank discussion prior to becoming intimate builds immense trust with a woman, shows you have respect for her and helps eliminate misunderstandings.

Women want to be loved and they want to love you more than you know. It’s important to understand that women are much stronger than you may realize and they can handle what you have to say to them.

Open and honest communication is the key ingredient that turns the key to a stable foundation and gains you access to a woman’s heart.

If you practice these simple methods of building trust, you will have the healthiest and most fulfilling relationship of your life.