4 Ways To Create A Proposal She Will Brag About

Like it or not, the elaborate proposals that appear on social media are here to stay.

Society loves to share everything and things that used to be more private, like a marriage proposal, are now more flashy and grand.

The standards for proposals have been raised. You can either do something she will love to brag about or you can do something she will be embarrassed to mention.

It’s not difficult to create a great marriage proposal. Just make sure to keep several things in mind.

1. Make the proposal about her.

As a proposal planner, one thing I always tell my clients is they must make sure the proposal is all about her.

If you love hiking and she only goes for you, you shouldn’t propose at the top of a long hike. Think about her likes.

If you make the proposal all about her, she will feel enamored with the situation because you took the effort to make her feel special.

2. Add elements of romance.

Romance to some guys may seem like a foreign language but it’s really not that hard.

There are certain things that are always romantic and if you incorporate these things into your proposal, you will be set.

Try adding flowers, candles, a violinist and personalized love notes. Create a main theme to your proposal, such as a day at the park, then add these elements to create a natural flow with romance.

“If you make the proposal about

her, she will feel enamored.”

3. Create surprise AND anticipation.

Most guys want to create a surprise proposal. However, sometimes they go too far in thinking if they do something out of their norm, she will know it’s leading to the proposal and the surprise will be ruined.

I guarantee you even if she does suspect a proposal, she will never truly know until you actually do it.

The fact she suspects it will only add anticipation to the moment and will make the actual proposal even more meaningful.

Try to go for the surprise element, but don’t worry if she suspects it because it will only add to the final moment.

4. Document your proposal.

Because social media is so large now and everyone loves sharing, you should absolutely document your proposal.

Either photo or video will work. Now you will have something to share right away and will have a nice keepsake to reminisce on for years to come.

Guys, are you planning on proposing soon? How are you going to make it a proposal she will brag about to her family and friends?