5 Steps To Meeting Your Dream Woman Online

Are you sick of the bar scene? Welcome to the most popular, high-tech singles club – online dating.

Online dating is so common these days, and it’s no longer rare to meet couples that have met and even married after meeting online.

This is promising, but online dating also gets a bad reputation for being dishonest and tough to navigate. Guys, it’s not as hard as it seems to find a great woman online.

Check out my five best tips for successfully meeting a great match through online dating.

1. Be open.

Consider being more flexible with your potential matches. Instead of going for a specific type each and every time, send a message to the girl whose profile made you smile.

Even if all the physical qualities you want aren’t there, she likely possesses the even more important ones that make you laugh and smile.

2. Spend time on your profile.

Include recent, updated photos (yes, more than one!) In the bio section, let your personality shine through and elaborate when you can. Don’t just answer the questions as quickly as possible.

Show your funny, unique or heartfelt side. Stay true to your personality and what you bring to the table.

“After you’ve chatted

through email, set a date.”

3. Be honest.

Be honest in what you’re putting out there in your profile, and be honest with what you’re looking for.

You wouldn’t want to meet someone and realize they don’t look anything like their profile picture, or even worse – that their personality is nothing like their bio.

There’s no use in creating a profile that doesn’t reflect the real you. Let your matches fall in love with the truth!

4. Put yourself out there.

Congratulations on joining an online dating site! I know it takes some courage to just sign up, but now that you’re on, it doesn’t mean you can just wait around for your dream date.

Send messages to women who spark your interest, and try not to take any silence or rejection too personally. The one who’s right for you will be anxiously waiting to hear from you.

5. Follow through.

Once you’ve met a great woman, take the conversation a bit further before meeting in person. After you’ve chatted through email or the message feature, exchange numbers and set a date.

Women love when men take control of setting up the first date. It shows you’re interested and want to meet her as soon as possible!

Get to work by arranging a date once you both feel you’ve exhausted the conversation online and by phone.