9 Compassionate And Uplifting Blogs For Widows

Losing a spouse is one of the most difficult challenges life can throw at us. Many widows have found strength through others, which is the concept behind these nine great sites. These blogs for widows were selected because they offer a poignant, compassionate and optimistic lifeline to others in need.

Widows Don’t Wear Black

Bragging Rights: doubles as a single parenting site

Nicole Campbell lost a husband young and brings a strong attitude and spirit to the subject of recovery. She wants readers to know widows aren’t lepers and widows to know they aren’t as fragile as they think. She faces the frustrations of the stages of grief with laughter and directness.

Social clout: 1,226+ likes

URL: http://widowsdontwearblack.com/

Sisterhood of Widows

Bragging Rights: change your thoughts – change your life

Sisterhood of Widows is an awesome blog that is part of Mary Francis’ larger site on reinventing your life by adapting your way of thinking. Her sisterhood of widows regularly looks at topical issues like “Giving Away Personal Possessions” and dealing with “Grieving on Mother’s Day.” The site also offers practical advice and wisdom.

Social clout: 339+ followers, 238+ likes

URL: http://sisterhoodofwidows.com/

Widow’s Voice

Bragging Rights: writing about widowhood as they live it

At Widow’s Voice, seven widows examine the “good, bad and the ugly parts” of life as a widowed person. Thoughtful entries chronicle the ups and downs of moving on, from finding your identity as a newly widowed partner to ways to cherishing a lost love without remaining trapped in the past.

URL: http://widowsvoice-sslf.blogspot.com/

Widows Speak Up

Bragging Rights: telling the world how they feel

Since losing her husband eights year ago on her birthday, Sue Larrison has become a strong and reliable voice for widows. Her posts deal honestly with the tremendous changes and emotional weight involved. Input from others often comes anonymously and touches on the struggles and triumphs with powerful imagery.

URL: https://www.amazon.com/Widows-Speak-Up

Widow Chick

Bragging Rights: grief management through humor

At Widow Chick, the power of positive thinking is used to combat grief management, often through humor. The site comes from “Confessions of a Mediocre Widow” author Catherine Tidd, a mom to three and a self-professed connoisseur of boxed wine. She mixes serious emotion with a funny outlook in posts like “Does Your Husband’s Headstone Look Better Than My Husband’s?”

URL: http://widowchick.blogspot.com/

The Misadventures of Widowhood

Bragging Rights: a new stage filled with mystery

The Misadventures of Widowhood blog is a well-oiled and inspiring spot that tracks one woman’s journey while helping countless others. Though only a few years old, it charts the process of recovery from one month to the next, with sections on looking for closure and seeking contentment.

URL: http://misadventuresofwidowhood.blogspot.com/

Grieving, Angry Widow

Bragging Rights: speaking from the heart

The host at Grieving, Angry Widow speaks from the heart about grief and its impact. She keeps going for her kids and uses the platform to give voice to the anger and sadness that comes, as well as the fond memories and reasons to rebuild. Check out “Great Expectations” for a look at the corelationship between grief and social problems.

URL: http://grievingangrywidow.blogspot.com/

Good Grief: A Young Widow’s Journey

Bragging Rights: upbeat and honest

Losing a husband at an early age can be a solitary experience, which led this blogger to address the concerns head on. Her hope is “to be real here about my struggles,” and boy does she deliver. Her efforts to find joy and humor offer hope to other young wives suddenly facing such a loss.

URL: http://goodgriefayoungwidowsjourney.blogspot.com/

Widow’s Christian Place

Bragging Rights: biblical direction through life

Widow’s Christian Place is a safe and spiritual site for fellowship with other widows and insight into weathering the changes ahead. Each month a memorial wall is offered for quick reflection on loved ones, while most content deals with moving on and finding strength in others. Bonus: Poetry and music is suggested.

URL: http://www.widowschristianplace.com/