9 Kisses We Wish We Could Forget

There are some kisses that stay with us forever, often when we wish they wouldn’t.

Nothing could remove these images from our brains, but at least we can laugh about them, right?

1. Wedding Day

You know, your wedding day probably isn’t the best time to debut your tonsil hockey career. Your friends, family and the Internet would all be a bit better off if you’d practiced first.

2. On Stage

It’s exciting to win an award, but that doesn’t mean you can just go kissing the first person you see, especially when you’re on stage in front of millions of people. Talk about awkward.

3. True Love?

This classic kiss seems totally perfect until you remember one of the party’s has been proclaimed dead. The last thing you should look for in Prince Charming is a necrophiliac.

4. Not Normal

Bad breath can turn any kiss – no matter how highly anticipated – into a big ol’ mess. Avoid eternal embarrassment by avoiding halitosis and carry some mints with you at all times.

5. Community Service

College can be a rough time for everyone, but your path to self-discovery should not include anything like this scene from “Community.” Some things can’t be taught in school.

6. Rock It

Now that kiss was one hell of a lemon! If someone is making that expression when you begin to pucker up, you’re definitely better off landing that smooch anywhere but their lips.

7. Shore Not

As if there wasn’t enough wrong with the cast of “Jersey Shore,” they had to kiss like this. For the sake of humanity, you should hope whatever happens in Jersey, stays in Jersey.

8. Tongue Wars

Just because they didn’t know they were brother and sister at the time does not make this kiss OK. You won’t stop yourself from cringing every time this famous lip lock comes across the screen.

9. Super Weird

Everyone is entitled to their eccentricities — we even expect it from superstars. However, it gets out of hand when your little “quirks” involve making out with foliage and scarring your fellow classmates for life.

At least the worst kisses make for the best stories, right?