An Authentic & Safe Dating Site Customized For 2.3 Million Indian Singles

The Short Version: QuackQuack burst onto the dating scene in 2010 to help Indian singles seeking to meet people in their area on a trustworthy platform. The dating site soon became a top name in India’s online dating industry with a growing following of genuine singles. Committed to privacy and security, the QuackQuack team proactively monitors user-generated content and rids the site of spammers and fake profiles. The dating site and app maintains a simple, safe, and fun space for online daters in India. You can sign up within minutes to join over 2 million singles already mixing and mingling on the platform. Whether you’re looking for friendship, romance, or relationships, QuackQuack provides an easy dating solution designed for Indian singles.

Indian single Shraddha struck up a friendship with Vipin on QuackQuack and soon fell for his simple, good nature. “I saw his profile on QuackQuack and found it very interesting. Vipin was an ideal date material with all the good qualities,” she said in her testimonial. “He was always a silent kind of person, and I was the chatter box. We knew that we were in love.”

After dating for a while, Shraddha proposed, and the married couple now live together happily thanks to India’s number one dating network.

Launched in 2010, QuackQuack is a secure dating site and app for Indian singles looking for a relationship. Shraddha and Vipin aren’t the only ones who found love using this simple matching platform. More than 2.3 million singles use the platform to chat in an active, flirtatious, and safe environment. A personality-based matching system connects quality men and women in all parts of India.

“I love your app and website,” wrote Ridvik in a review. “I have met my single love here, and we are going strong together.”

QuackQuack sees over 18 million pageviews per month on the fast-growing matchmaking platform.

CEO and Founder Ravi Mittal was inspired to create QuackQuack because of his own online dating experience. In 2010, then-23-year-old single ventured into a dating site to meet a long-term partner in India. However, he couldn’t find any authentic Indian-focused dating websites that met his needs, so he built a platform for Indian daters like him.

“The idea was to be the go-to platform for single Indians to have a spam-free, fakes-free dating experience,” said Anil Naik, a spokesperson for QuackQuack, “and focus on the safety and privacy aspect, which is of the utmost importance for Indians looking for a match online.”

Over 100k Users Join Per Month — And Moderators Check Each One

Currently, QuackQuack has 2.3 million users and continues growing at a fast rate. More than 100,000 users join the site or app each month. The core of QuackQuack’s user base are between the ages of 25 and 35 and serious about dating. Anil told us the average user age drops about one year per annum because “India is a growing young country where most of the population is in their teens or 20s.”

QuackQuack users exchange over 1.41 million messages each month.

A majority of QuackQuack users reside in larger metropolitan areas such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The app allows singles from cities big and small to connect based on where they are so meeting up becomes much easier.

The site and app get the playful name “QuackQuack” from the idea that the call of every bird species is unique and cannot be understood by another species. “We guarantee that your search for a partner with a unique set of characteristics will be answered by another person searching exactly for the same set! So your ‘quack-quack’ will get you only a ‘quack-quack’ in return, and not a ‘croak-croak’ or a ‘caw-caw,’” according to the website.

If you want to flirt with legit people online, QuackQuack has you covered. The site prioritizes privacy and authenticity with its rigorous moderation policies. Moderators approve or deny all new content and photos added to any profile online. The team adheres to strict guidelines when verifying and policing profiles.

Additionally, QuackQuack users cannot change their age, height, or marital status after signing up. That simple rule dissuades people from misrepresenting themselves on their dating profiles. According to Anil, the site’s strong moderation process “helps keep QuackQuack clean, pleasant, and worthy of spending quality time.”

QuackQuack actively monitors messages as well, keeping an eye out for abusive or suspicious language to protect users chatting online. The site’s real-time abuse prevention keeps the online atmosphere light and friendly. QuackQuack users are also empowered to shield themselves from unwanted advances. Privacy settings allow conscientious singles to show (or hide) any photos to specific users.

“We’re proactive in detecting spammers,” Anil told us, “and ensure our systems and backend team detect these threats and block them from accessing the platform.”

The Lean Team Behind India’s Top Dating Network

The people behind QuackQuack work hard to uphold the site’s reputation for authenticity and security. “We’re a small but dedicated team of 15,” Anil said. “We have a passionate team consisting of full stack developers, creative UI/UX designers, an agile moderation team, a dedicated digital marketing team and operations.”

Ravi Mittal, CEO and Founder of QuackQuack, puts user experience first in online dating.

CEO and Founder Ravi heads up the team with a clear vision and attention to detail. As someone who has been through online dating as a user, Ravi understands what online daters look for in a platform and what can help them have a pleasant experience. He works to ensure QuackQuack maintains a simple and safe interface for Indian singles.

PHP Developer Srinivas Pokala has been with QuackQuack from the beginning and leads the development team with his innovative ideas and experienced work ethic.

Anil referred to Vinay as “the man behind the million-plus installs on our Android app.” Coming to QuackQuack from a background in startup companies, Vinay knows what it takes to build a great app from the ground up, and he makes sure QuackQuack’s mobile interface is the best it can be.

SEO Manager Satish is the site’s search engine optimization guru. He spearheads the tech-savvy team responsible for driving 50% of the traffic to QuackQuack. Rounding out the leadership team, Anil is the youngest of the lot and adds an extensive marketing know-how to the dating platform.

Personality-Based Matching Leads to Long-Lasting Relationships

QuackQuack matches up users based on their education, profession, habits, and location. A person’s turn-ons and turn-offs can say a great deal about whether two people will hit it off, so the dating site compiles personal details to create successful partnerships between like-minded Indian singles.

“We’ve tried to understand the key reasons Indians want to find a date online and focus on achieving their needs,” Anil told us. “Since India is a demographically expansive country, we try to restrict matches to their cities with people from their age group and interests.”

Thanks to this streamlined matching process, many users have come away from the platform with a relationship. Anil told us, “The most touching story was from an anonymous user who wanted to access his year-old chats with his fiancée (whom he’d met on QuackQuack) because he wanted to frame their first chat conversation and gift it to her.” Adorable.

Such heartfelt testimonials speak to the site’s success. “I met genuine people here,” gushed Reen Gaitonde, a user from Mumbai. “[QuackQuack] made me feel comfortable to search for my soulmate.”

“We got connected through QuackQuack and really liked each other. We had so many things in common that we are perfectly made for each other.” — Shashank and Neha, who met on QuackQuack

Ashwin and Jyothi bonded over a love of books and grew closer by chatting via QuackQuack. “I was truly inspired by the level of maturity Jyoti shows in tough situations,” Ashwin wrote. “We had a clear vision towards our future, and QuackQuack played the role of cupid in bringing us together.”

A growing number of satisfied users report they have made friends, gone on dates, and met solid relationship material using QuackQuack’s simple interface.

“The site is easy-to-use and clutter-free,” wrote Manoj Singh Verma in a review of QuackQuack’s app. “The one thing I liked the most about QuackQuack is that people do respond to messages. I am really glad I chose to take the premium membership.”

QuackQuack Fosters Genuine Connections Between Young Daters

On QuackQuack, singles know they’re getting an authentic dating experience with real people in their area. The anti-spam policies and personality-based matching processes give Indian daters a streamlined path to meeting genuine date prospects. You can browse and chat online to connect with singles in Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities across India.

Millions of young lovers, like Shraddha and Vipin, have found QuackQuack an ideal place to gather, flirt, and fall in love. The dating site and app foster a safe and engaging dating environment for India’s youth.

QuackQuack offers Indian singles a user-friendly dating platform to meet one another.

Anil said the QuackQuack team has big developments in mind to make the dating site more engaging and helpful to singles. One innovative feature they’re hoping to introduce soon is a three-second video profile to catch the eyes of users online.

“Right now we’re working toward a new peppier layout and user experience,” Anil explained, “and then we have expansion plans to European countries and the North American market.” However big the site gets, QuackQuack’s mission to cater to Indian singles remains the same. If you’re looking for a reliable place to mingle with Indian daters, you can sign up to QuackQuack’s worldwide network of verified and available singles.