Beware Of Artsy Pictures

Here’s a quick tip to all you guys who online date. When you scroll through a woman’s profile pictures, check to see if she’s got a few of those “artsy” ones.

You know, the one where she’s wearing a hat and her nose is protruding through the hair over her face.

Or her head is turned the other way around so you can see her hair in a bun.

Or she’s lying down in a dimly lit room with her head tilted to the side.

Well, guys, beware: I have found that women who put artsy pictures up are hiding what they really look like.

Here’s the deal:

Three pictures. A woman needs three pictures: face, full-length body and one other photo that includes either of the two.

Those are the ones you go for.

You don’t ever go for the woman who wears sunglasses in every photo.

You don’t go for the woman who has one picture of her face and then seven photos of her on a hill somewhere 30 yards in the background.

Those long-distance photos…she’s basically saying, “Hey, I’m fat, so let me try tricking you into sending me a message.”

Don’t fall for it guys.

I mean, go for it if you like chubby women with low self-esteem. Just understand what you’re getting yourself into.

A woman will totally tell you who she is by the kinds of photos she puts up.

Personally, I’m going for the women that have photos of them in a tank top with a bed in the background. Or the women that post photos of themselves in a bikini on the beach—confident women that are in tune with their sexuality.

But that’s me. To each their own.

Just beware of those women with the artsy pictures up. They’re hiding something. Do you want to be the guy to find out what?