Can Women Become Obsessed With Online Dating

Honestly, anyone can become obsessed with anything. Have you seen those reality shows where a person has collected 2,000 Pez dispensers or spent over a million dollars on Titanic memorabilia?

If not, then you need to get out from under that rock you’ve been living under. If so, then you catch my drift.

American soldier and diplomat, Horace Porter, once said, “Be moderate in everything, including moderation.” What he meant was that too much of any one thing is no good for you. This can mean fast food, shopping, drinking and even online dating.

“Online dating?” you ask. Yup! Online dating can easily become an overindulged habit. Of course you want to meet the man of your dreams, but are you willing to sacrifice your friends, family and work for it?

Say you’re a member of five different online dating sites and every day you check messages, respond to messages, tool around with your profile and gossip to anyone who will listen about the amazingly “interesting and romantic” stylings of your not-in-the-real-world dating life.

Don’t you think that would get old? Well, if not for yourself, then most likely for everyone around you.

Rule #1.

To forgo online obsession is to be cognizant about how much time, effort and money you are putting into your electronic dating lifestyle.

Rule #2.

Don’t overdo it. Choose one or two sites that really fit your personality and stick to those. Half-assing five sites won’t get you any closer to true love.

Rule #3.

Listen. If those around you — who care about you — are expressing worry that you are going overboard with online dating, then please take heed.

Like anything you do in life — exercise, shots of tequila, online gaming, adopting pets, spending time on Facebook and stalking potential romantic matches on online dating sites, everything is better in moderation. Even moderation.

Good luck and may the games begin!