He Hasnt Called In Two Weeks! How To Stop Waiting By The Phone

Why hasn’t he called? In all honesty, I am saddened I have to even address this question because it is about respect — the respect he has for you and the respect you should have for yourself.

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If you are waiting around for two weeks for a guy to contact you, then you need to work on respecting yourself enough to realize this is wrong on too many levels. Here’s how to stop waiting by the phone:

Realize That Good Relationships are Built on Mutual Communication

That’s it. It really isn’t complicated.

So when a guy doesn’t communicate with you on a regular (at least daily) basis, then he does not truly respect you and you are not that important to him.

Do you want to be in a relationship where you are not that important to your partner? I hope not.

If you don’t mind being “not that important,” then you shouldn’t be complaining when he ignores you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to be involved in a healthy relationship, then the guy who hasn’t contacted you in two weeks is not the guy for you.

Listen to Your Gut Instinct

It’s frustrating, irritating and aggravating, and these emotions are telling you something. They are telling you the truth. What’s the truth? Wake up. Get out. Move on.

Your gut instinct wants the best for you. Your gut instinct sees life for what it is, NOT what you wish it was. Listen up. Listen to that voice that tells you the truth, and then act on it.

Being made to feel unimportant is not a good foundation for any relationship. More importantly, it is not good for you.

I want you to be a strong, independent woman, not a weak, desperate and needy girl. Showing two weeks worth of “patience” makes you weak, desperate and needy.

In order for you to be the best you can be, you will have to be honest with yourself about the situations and relationships you are in. You will sometimes have to woman up and let go. It’s better for you, and it’s better for him. Really.

So the next time a guy is MIA and you don’t feel good about it, be prepared to turn on your heel and don’t look back. Be proud of yourself for setting standards that are beneficial to you and your future relationships.

At the start of this post, I said any good relationship is built on mutual respect and communication. However, there should also be what I call “The Affection Connection,” which differentiates a friendship from a relationship. I’ll talk more on that next time.

Ladies, how long have you sat by the phone waiting for a man to call? Which tip are you going to follow to be the best you can be?