How To Get A Guys Phone Number

Usually I’m proactive about getting numbers from the women I meet and share a connection with, but there have been times when the lady I’m speaking with beats me to the punch. If you’re interested in getting a guy’s number, I suggest using one of the following strategies that have worked on me and on many of my male friends.

The “I Want to See Your Work” approach.

This approach depends on the guy you want to go out with having some sort of portfolio of work you can check out. While this might sound like it only works on professional artists, writers, designers, musicians and other creative types, it’s surprisingly universal.

Most guys these days do something creative within their lives, either professionally or as a hobby, and all men are happy to talk at length about their creative passions. In fact, it’s safe to say that every man who makes something creative does so with the belief it might help him meet girls, so approaching a man through his creative work is often a home run.

You don’t need to make any overture as forward as asking him to take you to his apartment to look at his paintings if you don’t want to move that fast, but taking an active interest in his creative work is a good way to open up a deeper level of conversation and a reason to spend alone time with him.

“You won’t have a difficult time getting a man

to give you his number using these approaches.”

The “Let’s Stay in Touch” approach.

This approach isn’t as effective as others for a few logistical reasons, but it will work in a pinch.

Using this approach is simple. When you’re about to part ways with a man you just met, you can ask for his number to stay in touch or to otherwise continue the conversation you’ve been sharing. Most men are happy to give their number to cute girls, so expect a high success rate with this one.

The only problem with the “Let’s Stay in Touch” approach is the fact that it’s ambiguous. “Let’s stay in touch” can mean anything from grabbing a drink later in the week to emailing once a month. You can always work out a reason to hang out with him in a casual manner by texting, but overall it’s better to have a well-defined meetup in the can before you part ways and exchange contact information.

Even though it’s not ideal, this approach can work and is better than not even trying to get an attractive man’s number.

The “Let’s Do ‘X Event’ Together” approach.

In many ways, this is the best way you can get a guy’s number because it is very specific. With this approach, you will discuss an upcoming event that you are planning on attending, and then see if your guy wants to go with you to it.

This approach works well for art openings, music shows and other similarly public and noncommittal events. These sorts of events work well because they aren’t overtly serious dates. In fact, they aren’t necessarily “dates” at all, which means you and your man can commit to attending together without worrying about excess expectations.

With the promise of few expectations and an event that will be fun in and of itself, you won’t have a difficult time getting a man to give you his number using these approaches.