How To Have A Summer Fling

Summertime is officially here, making now the perfect time to go out and meet a woman to enjoy a fun summer romance with! If you’ve ever experienced a summer romance, you know how positive these flings can be.

If you’ve never experienced a summer romance, then you’re definitely missing out. Dating a woman for a few short months when the weather is perfect and cares are tossed to the wind is a quintessential masculine experience, one every man needs to indulge in at least once in his life.

And here’s how you can do just that.

1. Meet the right girl.

Yes, the sun is shining bright and hot, but that doesn’t mean every girl you meet is looking for a relationship as equally light and carefree as the weather bearing down on you. When looking for a woman to share a summer romance with, you need to make sure she’s approaching your coupling with the same relaxed expectations and desires as you are. Nothing will drag down your attempt at a seasonal fling more than trying to have one with a woman who wants to know, beyond all doubts, what the two of you share will extend past August.

2. Keep things casual.

Likewise, you need to make sure you are in the right mindset for a summer romance. Don’t worry about long-term commitments, and banish that “L” word from your vocabulary for the next couple of months.

Once you meet the right girl to share your summer romance with, you need to make sure things remain just as casual as the two of you want them to be, no matter how much time you spend together and no matter how much you end up liking this girl. Instead of approaching your burgeoning relationship as a potential long-term and serious commitment, act as if the two of you will never see each other again once the chill returns to the air.

“If you and your woman still want to see each other,

don’t feel like you need to impose an arbitrary time limit.”

3. Spend little time at home.

Winter romances are all about keeping each other warm by snuggling up together as often as possible right up until the flowers start blooming again. Summer romances are all about getting out there and being as social and as active as possible, albeit hand in hand.

Sure, take all the time you need to connect intimately with each other when the mood strikes, but remember that the warm weather months are a gift, a short-lived one at that. A summertime fling is defined by time spent at the beach, riding bikes and exploring the many outdoor activities your home has to offer, and if you ignore the whole out-of-the-house element of your fling, you just won’t get the full summer romance experience.

4. Spend a lot of time with friends.

One of the best aspects of a summer romance is the fact that all of your friends, and all of your woman’s friends, are going to be out and about constantly, giving you both the opportunity to meet a whole lot of new people and to enjoy engaging in an endless number of group activities. Sure, you can spend the whole summer with no one but your woman if you want, but one of the most unique aspects of the summer romance is the fact that it represents a small private core hidden in a larger social experience.

5. Don’t say goodbye if you don’t want to.

Yes, approach your summer romance like it will fade away in a couple months time. But once those months are over, if you and your woman still want to continue to see each other, don’t feel like you need to impose an arbitrary time limit on what could accidentally turn into something long lasting and serious.