How To Know A Woman Is Interested

There’s no doubt communication between men and women often gets diluted. When she asked you to pick up a carton of milk, did she want fat free or 2 percent? When she said she wanted to see the new Jason Statham movie, was she just saying that for your benefit? Even simple conversations can become a test in mind reading — especially when it comes to dating. When she says she’s interested, does she really mean it? How’s a guy supposed to know? Here are signs to look for to determine if she’s really into you.

1. She makes eye contact and engages in the conversation.

Pay attention to her involvement in the date. If she makes eye contact and participates in the conversation, then that’s a good indication she’s interested. When a woman is interested, she’ll ask you questions and really pay attention to your answers. However, if she lets you do all the talking while she constantly looks around the room, plays with her cell phone, gives you one-word answers or seems indifferent about your responses, then she’s already decided you’re not for her. You’re better off talking to the wall than to her, so go find someone who actually wants to get to know you.

“Women aren’t easy to read. If they were,

every man would land a girlfriend easily.”

2. Actions speak louder than words.

Look at her body language. If she leans in close while you tell stories about your trip to Edinburgh, she’s interested and wants to hear more. If a woman isn’t interested, she will sit sideways in her chair and point her feet away from you. Almost looks like she’s about to race toward the exit, right? A woman who is into you will face her body in your direction. Are her hands on the table close to yours? Does she lightly touch your arm during the date? That means she wants to make physical contact with you — a really good sign.

3. You ask her out again and again and she keeps saying yes.

If you keep asking her out and she always says yes, that’s the most obvious sign she wants to keep seeing you. It’s that simple. If she wasn’t interested, she would constantly come up with excuses or ignore your calls and texts to get out of dates. Has she told you she’s not seeing anyone else and she’s 100 percent available? If not, then she’s probably waiting for someone else to come along. When a woman really wants to see you, she will make it happen no matter what life throws at her.

4. The relationship is progressing.

If it’s 15 dates in and your relationship hasn’t changed since the first, then more than likely it’s not going anywhere. When a woman is really interested, she will tell you everything about her, introduce you to friends and family, stay the night over, and advance with you physically. If one of these things hasn’t happened yet, she’s just stringing you along. Whether she’s in it for free meals or she doesn’t have the guts to tell you no, it’s time for you to make the next move.

Women aren’t easy to read. If they were, every man would land a girlfriend easily. Knowing what signs to look for will help you weed out the wannabes and find the keepers.