How To Organize Your Online Dates

As a digital matchmaker and online dating expert, if I could grant you one wish, it would be for you to find your dream date the first week you join an online dating site.

Even though there are so many happy success stories, most of the couples who’ve run into the digital sunset together did invest the time to get organized and schedule their dates efficiently.

After all, isn’t the goal of online dating to actually meet someone IRL?

To avoid calling your date “Jimmy” when his name is “Johnny,” let’s get organized.

Here are three tips on how to keep your online dates straight.

1. Create an excel spreadsheet.

Even if you think you can manage your dating site’s inbox, some of the emails will be deleted after a short period of time.

When I work with coaching clients, we create a spreadsheet with information about each date as a cheat sheet, so when the phone rings, you’ll remember which site you met your date on, as well as his previous martial status.

“You need to be play and

be organized to win.”

2. Save your date’s profile as a .pdf file.

There’s no need to print it out, but save it with your date’s file name.

Before you meet in person, take a digital peek at his profile and make a special note to yourself to remember his occupation, number of children and what side of town he resides in.

First dates can make you nervous, so if your date has a favorite movie or book, talk about it on your date.

It shows you’ve paid attention to the fine details.

3. Add your date to your phone contacts.

Once you’ve exchanged phone numbers, add your date’s name, email address and phone number to your mobile phone’s address book.

This way when the hot guy you have a digital crush on calls you, you can make sure you pick up the phone and move the process forward.

At the end of the digital day, online dating is a numbers game. You need to be play and be organized to win.