How To Repair A First Date Screw

Ways to fix things: duct tape, Gorilla glue, staples, twine, nails, screws, rope, paper clips and “I’m sorry.” For a man who has made a string of first date blunders, there are ways, but no guarantees, to try and make up for it. Let’s look at a few different scenarios and then offer words of wisdom on how Prince Charming/the frog can bounce back after screwing up.

Scenario: You got drunk, talked about an ex.

Words of Wisdom: Hate to break it to you, but this one’s going to take some time. First, call your date immediately the next day and apologize for not being able to handle your liquor. Be sincere and explain to her you’re still getting over your ex. This will not guarantee you a second date, but this new girl will be so impressed with your honesty and sensitivity that you two may end up becoming good friends. On occasion, good friends can lead to life partners.

Scenario: Your “bros” crashed the date and made a scene.

Words of Wisdom: You can argue it was your friends who screwed up and not you, but that’s not going to work in this situation. Love it or hate it, your friends are a direct reflection on you. The best thing to do is tell your friends what they did was not cool and offer to take your date somewhere else — away from the goon squad — then try extra hard to make it up to her. If the end portion of the date is fantastic, you may save face.

Scenario: You forgot your wallet and she paid for dinner.

Words of Wisdom: This is an easy fix. Apologize profusely and tell her you were just so nervous about the first date that you must have left your wallet sitting on the kitchen counter. Then let it go, enjoy the rest of the evening, and send her flowers with a check enclosed in the envelope. Any decent lady would give a guy another shot.

There are many ways a guy can ruin a date. There are also many solutions to saving face and making sure you get date number two secured. “I’m sorry” works better than any roll of duct tape or tube of Gorilla glue. If you screw up, then put extra effort into making it up.