Ignite Your Dating Fire With These 5 Tricks For Tinder

Finding love on your mobile phone has become all the rage. We no longer have to go home to check our inboxes to see if there’s been an email received by a potential suitor.

Tinder has captured the hearts of millions and has a flame that seems to be burning hot. Once suggested as a hookup app, Tinder is now a social discovery and dating app that’s responsible for many relationships.

The site reports they’re seeing 10 million matches a day and 750 million swipes per second! Those are big numbers for the new kid in town.

They’re also now validating celebrity profiles because even many in Hollywood have jumped on the Tinder bandwagon. I believe the reason Tinder is so successful is because it’s so simple to use.

So how does one find love on the fastest growing mobile dating app?

1. Sign up through Facebook.

The app will grab your profile and some photos, of which you can edit to your liking, and you’re ready to start swiping left or right to find your dream match.

2. Make use of the filters.

Make sure you use the filters available to select your age range, distance and preference of meeting a man or a woman.

3. Learn the swiping cues.

When you swipe to the right or click on the heart icon, you’ve accepted the profile as a potential match. The app will let you know if you’re a mutual match and you can start chatting privately.

When you swipe to the left or click on the X icon, you anonymously take a pass on the profile.

“I know many successful

couples that credit Tinder.”

4. Get to know the person behind the pic.

Those who are serious about finding a relationship should take the time to read the profile of the person by clicking on the I icon to see shared interests from Facebook and if you have mutual friends in common.

5. Pay attention to notifications.

Tinder sends you a push notification if you receive a message from a match or if you’re a mutual match so you can start chatting privately.

6. Weed out the losers.

If someone is bothering you on Tinder, you can block his or her profile or report it.

Is Tinder a game or a place to find a date? How do you get out of the game approach and meet IRL? After all, it does give you a choice to “keep playing.”

Those who are having fun with the app or are using it as a distraction at lunch may be taking a more voyeuristic approach to see if they’re a mutual match or not.

Sure it can boost your ego, but if you’re not taking the relationship from online to offline, put plain simply – you’re not dating.

In a recent conversation with two of the co-founders, Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, at the LA Tech Summit, Rad said when they started Tinder, they had the fundamental belief that the computer will be extinct in a couple of years and every application will be on the mobile phone.

This is a huge shift in social behavior and Tinder is riding this wave.

My hairdresser met her boyfriend on Tinder. I know many successful couples that credit Tinder for helping them to find love from the convenience of their mobile phones. I’m helping singles who are connecting on Tinder with the dating process, and the trend is going to continue to rise.

Are you dating on Tinder? Your comments are welcome.