Is Online Dating For Me” — (5 Ways To Determine Yes Or No)

Recently, I bought my first house, and I’m in love with it. However, before I found “The One,” I was asking myself “Is this house for me?” about every property I saw. It’s a big decision, and I didn’t want to take it lightly.

Similar to your home life, your love life deserves the best. If you’re considering online dating, you don’t want to jump into it blindly. You want to take the time to figure out if it’s really right for you. Below are five ways to help you do that.

1. If You Have Trouble Meeting People

Maybe you’re shy and hesitant to introduce yourself. Maybe you’ve gotten into a rhythm of hanging out with the same crowd and going to the same places. Maybe no one comes up to you no matter how much you want them to. Whatever it is, you never seem to meet new people no matter where you go and what you do.

If you’re having trouble introducing yourself to others when you’re out, or if others tend to not come up to you, then you might want to try online dating.

Most of us get to this place in life, usually after graduating from high school and/or college, when we aren’t meeting as many people as we used to. We work all the time, we have family obligations and other responsibilities to take care of, or we aren’t trying new things. Online dating is an easy way to get out of that rut and connect with people in seconds. Over 49.6 million people have given online dating a chance, so why not join them?

2. If You’re On a Budget

Dating can be expensive — you’ve got to think about the drinks, the dinner, the actual activity (e.g. a movie, concert, or bowling), and the transportation (e.g. using your own gas or getting an Uber). If you’re going on two or three dates a week, the cost will add up quickly and eat away at your wallet.

Online dating is an efficent and affordable way to meet potential dates and partners — most sites offer a free membership with all the necessary features.

Online dating, though, is an economical option. Pretty much every dating site has a free membership, so you can use it without having to pay. Sign up for several sites to see which one (or ones) is best for your needs. Our favorites include Match, Elite Singles, and Zoosk — all of which allow you to create a profile, upload photos, browse members, receive matches, flirt, and communicate in certain ways (e.g. sending virtual winks, IMing, or receiving messages), among other things.

3. If You Have Limited Free Time

So many people have weeks that consist of taking the kids to school or practice or both, going to work, running errands, seeing the doctor, hitting the gym, stopping by the bank, walking the dog, checking in with the parents, and then finally making it home just in time to eat, watch an episode of something on Netflix, and get a few hours of sleep. I’m tired just writing that sentence. It’s easy to see why singles don’t have a lot of room for dating.

One of the most convenient ways to date is online — you can do it while you’re in line for coffee, on your commute to work, or basically anywhere in the world.

However, with online dating, practically all of the work is done for you. The dating site will send match suggestions to your inbox based on your specific criteria, and all you have to do is yay or nay them. A majority of sites even provide icebreaker questions or example messages to send to a match. Plus, thanks to the evolution of dating apps, you can find compatible people 24/7 — it doesn’t matter if you’re grocery shopping, getting coffee Starbucks, working out, or anything else.

4. If You Know Someone Who’s Had Luck With It

More than 20% of relationships and 17% of marriages begin online. There’s a good chance you know someone or know someone who knows someone who’s a part of that statistic or who’s found a date online. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about it and get their tips.

When someone you know and trust is praising online dating and recommending it to you because they’ve had success with it, you’ll probably want to listen.

A friend of mine joined a dating app three weeks ago, and she’s already found someone she’s smitten with. It’s great to see her so happy, and it shows that it really can happen to anyone — you’ve just got to put yourself out there.

5. If You’ve Tried Everything Else

You’ve done the blind dates and the setups. You’ve gone out with your coworker’s best friend’s cousin. You’ve given your friend a try to see if there’s anything there. You’ve approached people at bars, clubs, dog parks, spin class, the crosswalk, and everywhere else you can think of. At the end of the day, if you’re at your wit’s end and can’t stand being single anymore, you should turn to online dating.

If you have no options left and are one bad date away from declaring yourself a single cat lady or cat gentleman, online dating is there to change your mind.

Dating is supposed to be one of the most fun parts of life, not one of the most frustrating. Online dating can make it fun again, even if you’re this close to giving up and are using it as a last resort. Promise!

The Better Question is “Why Wouldn’t I Try Online Dating?!”

Perhaps the best part about my house is that I can do whatever I want to do and make it my own, and the same goes with online dating. From your profile to your search filters to your messages and beyond, you’re in the driver’s seat. So instead of asking yourself “Is online dating for me?” if you’re serious about your love life, ask yourself “Why wouldn’t I try online dating?”