Know How To Handle Your Liquor

I get a kick every single time I read about another celebrity’s romantic mishaps with the law.

Take this week, for example.

I read Reese Witherspoon and her agent husband were pulled over by Atlanta police drunk, droopy-eyed and sad.

She got defiant. She was being interrogated by the cops for her husband drinking and driving, and then she threw out the classic celebrity line:

“Do you know who I am?!”

If I was an officer of the law, I would’ve said, “Just a pretty hot, sexy, drunk woman with sad eyes about to get thrown into jail.”

Celebrities are hilarious, but for some reason or another, we’re so infatuated by who they are and what they’re all about.

If you were out getting drunk with your lover and got pulled over to the side of the road, nobody would care.

Celebrities think they’re bigger than the law. It’s OK for them to drive drunk?

Here’s Reese Witherspoon, a mother of three kids, allowing a man to drink and drive.

Is this any kind of person to idolize?

It runs so deep in our society – this adoration of celebrities.

We talk about them. We wonder about their emotional and sexual relationships. We wonder about the way they conduct themselves in everyday life.

But in reality, aren’t they supposed to be better role models for us?

If you’re in the public eye, you should be a good role model. You should actually not drive drunk.

You have all the money in the world to be able to call a private limousine to pick you up and drive you home.

Not only that, you’re the mother of three kids. When you’re the mother of three children, you’re setting a precedent of what you are teaching them.

“When you’re driving around with somebody

you love, don’t let them drink so much.”

Life’s funny sometimes.

We tend to really emulate people we do not know. The same goes for people we date — we trust them way too much, way too early.

When you’re dating somebody and they’re drinking, don’t let them drive because not only can you do harm to yourselves in the car, but you can do harm to so many other people that are on the road.

Innocent people should never be involved in what the self-centered, self-absorbed people do when they drink and drive.

So take this lesson:

When you’re dating somebody or you’re driving around with somebody you love, don’t let them drink so much, or take a cab and leave the car at home because you never know what’s going to happen…

…it’s usually bad.

What do you think of Reese Witherspoon’s arrest? Have you ever experienced drinking problems in your dating life?