Life Coach Amy Schoen Prepares Her Clients To Visualize & Develop Lasting Marriages

The Short Version: Amy Schoen is a professional life, relationship, and dating coach who delivers sage advice to prepare her clients for marriage. She has been through a divorce and got remarried at age 42, so she understands how important it is to choose the right partner and build a healthy relationship. Through her Motivated to Marry programs, Amy helps singles and couples find the clarity they need to move forward and create lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

After her divorce, Amy Schoen started down a path of self-discovery and reflection. She was in her mid-30s and was faced with the daunting task of finding a husband. She didn’t know where to begin, so she just started dating. Amy soon became a serial dater, moving from one first date to another without getting anywhere substantial.

“I was the model of Motivated to Marry,” Amy said of her coaching program. “I was very unconscious, made all the dating mistakes possible. I was dating in circles.”

Amy Schoen became a coach after overcoming personal challenges.

When she turned 40, Amy knew something had to change, so she hired a life coach to help her figure things out. This coach helped Amy identify her blind spots, re-examine her expectations, and, within two years, meet and marry her husband. Amy’s experience opened her eyes and inspired her to lead by example in the dating world.

Amy wanted to help other marriage-minded singles find success in love, so she reached out to the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, and began learning all she could about how to build healthy, loving relationships. In 2005, she earned her certification as a life coach.

Today, Amy is a professional life, dating, and relationship coach full of loving counsel for singles and couples struggling to connect. She created Motivated to Marry to be a comprehensive resource for commitment-oriented individuals of all ages. She conducts both individual and group coaching sessions to get people on the path to love.

“My job is to help people think about marriage — and how they think about marriage is how they date for marriage,” Amy said. “I meet my clients where they are. As a professional life coach, I look at how dating fits in with all their life goals. I am there for my clients and support them the best I can.”

A Support System for Couples in It for the Long Haul

As a personal life coach, Amy relies on the traditional coaching model to help her clients find love and happiness. During private coaching sessions, she listens to her clients as they talk about themselves and their dating experiences, and she reflects on what they need to get better results. Her thoughtful questions and knowledgeable insights can inspire clients to take positive action in the dating scene.

Amy uses her intuition to see what her clients need, and she mentors them through all sorts of emotional challenges, including breakups, ghosting, and fear of commitment.

Amy creates instructive products to motivate singles to reach their goals.

“When I consult, I am straightforward and practical,” she said. “I share stories from my vast experience as a coach and as a former marriage-minded single.”

As she works with singles from all walks of life, Amy looks for trends in the dating scene and delivers those insights to her clients to help them see the whole picture. She told us that online dating has become a major factor in the dating world, and she has adapted her own coaching strategy to include online dating tips. She said 80% of her clients have met their significant others online after following her step-by-step process.

Amy can revise dating profiles, interpret messages, and give experienced advice on the fly. She has a knack for polishing dating profiles until they shine, and she acts as a support system for singles who may have never tried online dating before.

“I always give suggestions and leave it to the client to take that advice or not,” she told us. “In my coaching model, the client knows what is best for themselves — so I leave it up to them.”

Motivated to Marry outlines how to be happy in a relationship.

Amy works with men and women who tend to be commitment-minded professionals in their 30s, 40s, or 5os. She has even worked with people who are 60 and over. Some of her clients have been married before and want a second shot at love, while others have never been married and want to have that experience. Some are looking to start a family, while others would be content with a long-term companion. Amy can also work with couples who are experiencing a rough patch in their relationship.

“I help my clients navigate through some early relationship glitches. It’s about deepening the connection and creating greater awareness among the couple,” Amy said. “And then aligning their goals so they are going in the same direction.”

Coaching Programs Share the Secrets of Happy Marriages

Amy’s coaching coursework challenges singles and couples to dig deep and develop solid relationship skills. She has a foolproof system to reinforce love, and she brings clarity to the dating scene by prompting her clients to visualize the relationship they want, and they go out there and get it.

The Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching program compiles 15 years of dating and coaching experience into a step-by-step system for finding true love. This program has worked wonders for hundreds of singles, and Amy is confident in its power to inspire and enlighten.

The first step is to help clients identify who’s right for them based on their core relationship values and life vision. Sometimes the biggest hurdles for singles are their own expectations, so getting their heads in the game is job number one.

“The values become like a homing device to attract the right people and to recognize the right person when he or she shows up,” Amy said.

Throughout the coaching program, Amy brainstorms strategies to connect clients with the type of person they should marry. She can recommend places to go or clubs to join and offer guidance every step along the way in the dating process. Amy also stays in touch with her clients during the early phases of their relationships, so she can ensure it’s the right fit and headed in the right direction.

“My clients recognize the right one sooner than later,” Amy said. “They get much more than a dating coach! And I especially love to help single business owners who need to learn how to balance their business with their romantic life.”

Amy told us her coaching process leads singles to recognize the difference between what they need and what they want. Sometimes her clients are choosing the wrong partners or valuing the wrong personal qualities, and all it takes is an change in perspective to get them in the right relationship.

“I help my clients to be their most confident self and to see who they are and what they offer to a relationship,” Amy said. “My values work has been a game changer for most of my clients.”

Clients Gain Clarity on Reaching Their Goals

Amy has had a wonderful impact on individuals seeking long-term love. She has many success stories posted on her website, and many of them praise her compassionate and savvy coaching style.

“Working with Coach Amy changed my dating mindset,” said Karen, a former client who got married in 2017. “I dated so many Mr. Right-Nows that I was getting them confused when I was ready to find my Mr. Right-Forever. Coach Amy helped me to look for the things that I valued in the relationship instead of things I was settling for in a relationship.”

“Amy’s impactful questions dramatically shifted my perspective on marriage and the type of man that would truly make me happy,” said Robin, a former client who got married in 2007. “This process opened me up to meeting my husband.”

“This process opened me up to meeting my husband.” — Robin, one of Amy’s former clients

Jack was a 69-year-old widower, but he wasn’t ready to give up on love. He joined Amy’s coaching program to get advice on how to move forward. Amy helped him develop a solid dating strategy and identify women who would be a good fit for his lifestyle.

Jack is now happily married to the woman of his dreams. “Coach Amy really helped me pull things together with my dating process and then to move me in the right direction,” said Jack.

Whether she’s coaching singles to get serious about love or assisting pre-marriage couples to greater connectivity, Amy gives her clients a lot to think over as they figure out what they want and how to get there.

Amy Schoen Illuminates the Path to Love

Amy didn’t start out as a love expert, but she found her calling after going through the ups and downs of love. Now, as a professional life, dating, and relationship coach, Amy can advise her clients using her own intuition and experience. She has inspired many singles and couples to commit to love and strengthen their personal relationships, and she continues reaching out to daters all over the world through her podcasts, social media, and YouTube.

Amy is currently working on a certification program called Motivated to Marry Coaches to help other professional life coaches. She plans to take on her first students this summer. Amy has also begun thinking about potential topics for a self-help book full of her marriage insights and dating guidelines.

Thanks to Amy’s efforts, singles and couples around the world can benefit from her experience in the dating scene. “I have both the life experience, in my second marriage, and the coaching experience,” she said, “and my track record speaks for itself.”