Straight Women More Likely To Trust Dating Advice From Gay Men

Just how important are the bonds between straight women and gay men when it comes to exchanging trustworthy dating advice?

A new study coming from the University of Texas at Austin found straight women are more trusting of “mating advice” when it comes from gay men.

The study also found gay men were more likely to trust advice from straight women than from straight men or lesbians.

Researchers created three Facebook profiles for a fake online persona named “Jordan.” Each profile was identical except for Jordan’s gender and sexuality — one profile was for a straight man, one for a gay man and one for a straight woman.

“Straight women are more trusting of

‘mating advice’ when it comes from gay men.”

Participants consisted of 88 heterosexual women and 58 homosexual men who were asked to read through Jordan’s profiles and imagine they were friends receiving “mating advice.”

When researchers evaluated how trustworthy participant’s found Jordan, they discovered straight women considered Jordan most trustworthy when he appeared to be a gay man.

Interestingly enough, gay men found Jordan’s advice most trustworthy when she was identified as a straight woman, suggesting the trust between gay men and straight women goes both ways, at least when it comes to receiving dating advice.

The study’s researchers noted straight women and gay men “aren’t competing for mates” and “otherwise have a lot in common — namely, being attracted to men” so that allows the two demographics to provide “a unique exchange of unbiased mating-relevant information that may not be available to them in other relationships.”

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