The Curse Of The Older Man And The Younger Woman

It seems to be all over the news this week: George Clooney has broken up with his girlfriend, Stacy Kiebler.

People are saying it’s the “older man, younger woman” syndrome. The younger woman gets sick of the older man and ends the relationship.


Do you have anything else better to report about? It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

It’s George Clooney. He lives his own life and makes his own choices. He dates women of all ages for a period of time and then they break up.

Yet everybody wants to twist and turn the story into something it’s not.

Let’s talk about the syndrome.

I get a lot of guys in their 40s and 50s who say they only date women in their 20s.

I find that absolutely ridiculous. Personally, I wouldn’t ever want to date women in their 20s. It’s just too young for where I am in my life.

Yes, I find them pretty. They’re great to look at. But the second they open their mouths, I’m not interested. They’re young and at a different stage in their lives.

“Have you dated younger women and

realized you weren’t on the same path?”

I’d rather relate to people who I get it on with – mentally, emotionally and physically.

The “older man, younger woman” syndrome is really just about older guys trying to create a physical relationship or connection they didn’t have when they were younger.

As far as I’m concerned, I would never want to relive my 20s. I let people in their 20s stay in their 20s, have fun, party and have a good time.

Me? I’m not into it.

How do you guys feel about older men and younger women? What kind of age range are you willing to date? How young are you willing to go? Do you think age even matters?

And let’s be honest here: How many of you have dated younger women and then realized you weren’t on the same emotional or mental path as them?

After a very short time, how many of you realized the whole relationship was based on sex? I’d love to get the conversation rolling along. Let’s hear it!