Those Who Feel Respect When Losing Virginity Report More Sexual Security Later

How does the way you lost your virginity impact your future relationships?

According to a new study, called “Gone but Not Forgotten,” which was published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, the first time you have sex reverberates through all of your later sexual encounters

The study consisted of 331 undergraduate students who were asked about both the first time they had sex and their current feelings regarding their sexual experiences.

“Individuals who felt supported when they lost their virginity

reported higher levels of satisfaction with their current sex lives.”

About two-thirds of respondents noted they were in a relationship when they lost their virginity and the study found individuals who felt respected when they lost their virginity reported higher levels of security and satisfaction (both physical and emotional) with their current sex lives.

As the study summarized:

“These results suggest that one’s first-time sexual experience is more than just a milestone in development. Rather, it appears to have implications for their sexual well-being years later.”

Source: Sex and Marital Therapy. Photo source: