Who Goes On A First Online Date On Valentines Day

Finding a new relationship can be challenging, but the digital landscape has never been easier.

Online dating has morphed into social dating, where singles are also connecting and reconnecting on Facebook and flirting on Twitter.

In the online dating world, your entire bucket needs to be full if you want to be successful with the process.

Sure it’s exhausting, but did you know many singles actually go out on a first date on Valentine’s Day?

Where have they met?

According to Match.com’s third annual “Singles in America” study, connecting online ranks #1 amongst the places where singles meet.

The Match.com study reports, “An unprecedented number of single Americans are now turning to the Internet to find love: Nearly one-third of singles (27.5 percent) reported they have dated someone whom they met online.”

In addition, the study shows 20 percent of singles met their most recent date online versus 7 percent who met at a bar.

“At the end of the digital day, many couples

connect on February 15th and beyond.”

How does this relate to dating on Valentine’s Day?

The Facebook data team reports more than 70 percent of those who have listed their relationship status on Facebook actually had their first date on Valentine’s Day.

This number may appear staggering, but Facebook adds Valentine’s Day is the highest day on average for people to add a new relationship status or become “Facebook Official.”

Since 40.5 percent of the status relationship changes moved to “Single” on Facebook in 2012, it’s likely someone will enjoy chatting with you on the world’s largest social network on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s a digital date from the convenience of your computer or mobile phone.

Is there too much pressure to find a date on Valentine’s Day?

Remember, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark card and See’s Candy day.

It’s also the day women rank high on the totem pole.

Most guys don’t care about Valentine’s Day, but they know if they don’t ask someone out who they’ve been dating, they could end up in the digital doghouse.

At the end of the digital day, many couples connect on February 15th and beyond.

After all, spring fever is just around the corner.

Would you accept a first date on Valentines Day?

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