Why Is This Month Different From Others For Online Daters

My phone is ringing non-stop and I have been busy working with singles to create the perfect 2014 online dating profiles.

The good news is that both terrific men and women are hoping to connect this winter.

What’s really happening online in January?

Dating sites such as JDate reported a 10 percent increase in mobile phone usage during the holidays. ChristianMingle said they saw an increase in 41 percent of usage during the holiday season.

During the first week of 2014, Match.com expected to have more than 2 million singles logging on more than 30 million times, with the first Sunday night of the New Year at an all-time high.

“Their boost in traffic is about a 30 percent

increase from now through Valentine’s Day.

Are you ready to jump in?

Before you reactivate your old profile or think of creating a new one, ask yourself the following questions to make the most of your digital journey.

Personal dating checklist

1. Make a list of those you had dated in 2013.

2. Write down a list of the personality types to see where your patterns are.

3. Did they ever seem too good to be true?

4. Did you jump in too fast or were you overcautious and took it too slow?

5. Were you hung up on physical qualities?

6. Were these people you could be friends with first?

7. Would you be proud to introduce your dates to your friends and family?

8. Are your backgrounds, religion and values similar?

9. How did your dates treat the servers at restaurants?

10. What was the relationship your dates had with his or her parents and family?

After looking through the check list, think about your refreshed and revised profile. I wish you much love and joy in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.

Photo: thechart.blogs.cnn.com