Why Midlife Singles Need More Friends

If you’re a senior single in your 50s, in addition to your desire for a new life mate, you want to add more new friends to your circle.

If you’re single in your 50s, that means you no longer have a spouse to take you to and from a doctor’s appointment when you need it.

You might still be on good terms with an ex-spouse, but perhaps they live outside of the area.

And even if you have grown kids who’d help out, if they live more than a few hours from you, they can’t help you out immediately when you might need a hand right this minute.

What about that time you had a spill on your motorcycle? If you’re without a mate, you’re on your own to get home from the hospital.

Nothing is lonelier than sitting by yourself in the admitting area of the hospital after a broken ankle surgery caused by your active midlife lifestyle, whether it’s from your motorcycle adventure or your ballroom dance lessons inspired by “Dancing with the Stars.”

If you were partnered up, you’d have someone with you.

Well now that you’re in your 50s, permit me to suggest that in the absence of a life mate there alongside you, a mature good friend would drive right over to help, no questions asked.

“You never know where you’ll make a

new friend or find lasting love.”

Midlife singles have been around the block.

People in the time of midlife have all been around the block of life a few times themselves now.

They have experienced some illness with themselves, an ex-spouse or a formerly living spouse.

They may have segued into the time of life where they are assisting with the care of their parents.

They understand that needing someone to pick them up from the doctor’s office is a part of life.

So is being in the hospital, getting admitted, needing some visits to lift your spirits and receiving a ride home. That is the stuff of life.

Being thoughtful, caring and kind serves you well when the romantic relationship comes your way.

Mature singles want life partners with relationship skills.

Having more friends who are kind and helpful keeps your own social life vital, active and connected.

When we are more warmly connected with friends, laughing and socializing, we both enjoy a healthy social life and increase our chances of meeting a new mate via our new friends.

Go ahead today and smile, greet and chat with three new people while you’re out and about.

You never know where you’ll make a new friend or find lasting love.

Where do you meet new friends later in life?