Why You Need To Online Date This Weekend

When I started pushing 30, it started pushing back. It’s a line from a country song, but in my case and in many others, it’s true.

Going out in my 20s started to get tired. I couldn’t take the loud, the crowds, the lines and the late nights like I used to. They slowly started to get replaced by happy hours, nice meals and game nights at my friends’ homes.

I know I’m not alone here.

This transition is happening to us all. It will happen to you, too, if it hasn’t already. If it doesn’t, you become a line from Austin Powers, “There’s nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster.”

It’s the cycle of life. I’m extremely happy to not be doing shots and drinking I don’t care what.

There’s an unfortunate thing when you graduate from the prototypical bar scene. Some weekend nights you just want to stay at home. On others, you get happy hour with your friends and head home before 10 p.m. Either way, you lose out on meeting people.

Spending nights at home with Netflix is the more appealing choice, but you’re not going to meet someone watching TLC marathons. It’s guaranteed.

Your life is going to fly by fast.

You need to be mindful of those precious nights you’re not at work. Luckily, you’re not alone. Even though you feel alone, you are not.

One of the times you’ll find the most bustling activity on an online dating site is on weekend nights. It’s a time most people aren’t working and are thinking about their social and love life.

Therefore, it’s the prime time to start up a chat with someone else who shares your affection for an easy weekend night on the couch.

“The people who are online dating

on weekends are just like you.”

Your first reaction may be, “What? They must be losers! Who is sitting at home on a Friday night? I’ll look like a loser if I go online on a weekend night.”

Let’s face it, most of the time you went out with your friends to bars was to meet people you may want to date. You disguise it as a fun night with your friends, but your little peepers were scanning the room for a cutie to talk to. Don’t deny it. It’s thinly veiled.

Online dating is the new room you need to work.

It’s fun. Everyone is single. Everyone is looking, and you get a lot more important information.

That’s when you go re-read the first part of this article and begin to realize the people who are going on online dating sites on weekend nights are just like you!

They’ve grown up and out of the “I have to have something I’m doing on a Friday night so I don’t look like a loser” mentality. They worked hard during the week and realize online dating is a lot more efficient and a less hangover-inducing way to meet someone worthwhile.

They’d rather be spending their weekend nights probably on a date with you, but this part comes first.

Try it. Lie on your couch, bust out your laptop and do some modern dating on your weekend.

Have you noticed a time when dating sites seem to offer more activity?