Will Women Judge You Based On Your Facebook Account

Facebook is a strange beast. Even though it often feels like Facebook has been around forever, it’s important to note the social networking giant is less than a decade old and still in its infancy. So relax! Your confusion over proper social networking etiquette may be frustrating, but it’s completely understandable.

And there is no area of Facebook etiquette that can be trickier to pick your way through than how to act online when it comes to your dating life.

How a man should act on Facebook.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t change the way you act on Facebook for the perceived benefit of a woman you just met, no matter how attractive you may find her.

Instead of rushing home to put on a respectable digital face right after meeting an engaging woman, you should act respectably on Facebook at all times, regardless of who is or is not about to send you a friend request.

The best guideline for posting on Facebook is to never put anything up there you will feel embarrassed about having to explain or defend to any woman you meet. In fact, it’s often a good idea to avoid posting too much on Facebook in general.

As addictive as social networking may be, most women don’t find it attractive when a man spends eight hours a day “liking” status updates, sharing stupid video clips and filling up his timeline with bad jokes, minor complaints and even smaller accomplishments.

Like it or not, how you act on Facebook matters, so you better make sure you maintain some distance from the site and manage your digital presence tightly.

“Facebook can be a great tool for

growing your relationships.”

Handling your relationships on Facebook.

Even if you’ve curated an attractive Facebook profile and timeline, you still need to take special care when it comes to managing your romantic relationships, whether casual or otherwise, on the social networking hub.

Some people will say you need to worry about things like lots of women posting on your timeline. Other people will say you need to try and encourage attractive women to post on your timeline. Both of these arguments have their merits, but overall you shouldn’t worry too much about whether your timeline is filled with posts form attractive women or not.

If your timeline is filled with posts by women, then any new women you meet might think you’re a player, but that’s not a bad thing. And if your timeline is bare, new women you meet won’t hold this against you. They’ll just assume you aren’t too active on Facebook.

Instead, you should worry more about those elements of dating and Facebook you have more personal control over — how often you message the women in your life. Initiating chats with a woman, sending her too many messages and posting too many items to her timeline are all needy behaviors you must avoid at all costs. Feel free to send a message here and there, but instead of constantly trying to gain her attention, let her chase you.

There’s no harm in responding to a message or a friend request from a woman you’ve never met before. If that woman is nothing more than a spam account, you will figure it out quickly, and if it’s simply a woman who finds you attractive, then responding to her advances may result in developing a great new relationship.

As long as you keep your common sense intact, and as long as you don’t give the site too much of your time or attention, Facebook can be a great tool for growing your relationships with women.