Would You Create A Fake Girlfriend

I know the holidays are stressful. Singles go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas to see friends and family and too often feel the pressure with relatives asking them, “Are you dating anyone? Is there someone special in your life? When are you ever going to settle down?”

It’s enough to make someone make up a fake girlfriend or boyfriend.

But is it right?

Forget “Catfish” and being duped online. Welcome a new service called The Invisibile Girlfriend, where you deliberately brag about your fake girlfriend, pretending she’s real.

Still in its pre-launch stage, this site allows you to engage in a virtual relationship with a girl of your choice. Men will be able to send text messages, receive voice mails and gifts and even change their Facebook relationship status to “In a Relationship.”

I know many guys are workaholics and don’t have time for a relationship, or they’re just commitment-phobes and are tired of being nagged by Mom and Dad on the holidays.

“With dating apps, you can receive notifications

of women you could be attracted to in real life.”

My message to those considering this extreme measure is to get real. Become authentic and either feel great about being single, or step it up and find someone online who you’ll get to meet offline and develop a true relationship with.

Finding a date online has never been easier.

With the convenience of many mobile dating apps, even if you’re on your way to or from a business meeting, you can still receive push notifications of women who are close by that you could be attracted to in real life (IRL).

So to the 60 percent of single Americans out there, I challenge you to find friends or cultivate a relationship online or offline, but don’t walk around lying about your relationship status. A liar is a liar, is a liar.

Would you create a fake virtual girlfriend or boyfriend?